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Numerous dog lovers end up ticked-off, seriously troubled and perhaps humiliated by their dog’s frequent barking.

Permitting your dog to be able to bark constantly might be dangerous for it’s health and safety. Excessive barking is a condition which no one enjoys discussing or admitting to.

Below are three of the common complaints that I have encountered and some simple solutions that I have found to help out.

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The first complaint that people ask about is how to get your dog to stop barking excessively after you leave your house. This is commonly known as separation anxiety in your dog.

The simple solution to dealing with this problem is not to turn leaving into a big deal. Where some people start apologizing to there dog when they have to leave you will not want to do this because the impression that you are leaving on your dog is going to be negative which is going to fuel his separation anxiety. The best way to get out of the house and keep your dog from having this separation anxiety which will lead to his excessive barking is to give him or her something to do before your leave. That way you are basically setting up a distraction to help you get out of the house without your dog realizing that you have left.

The second complaint that is common is that sounds outside of your home cause your dog to bark excessively.

The best solution for this dog barking problem is to try to move your dog furhter away from the sound that is causing them to bark excessively. For instance if it is road noise that is making your dog bark excessively you will want to try to move him into a room that is far away from the road so he will not have that noise making him bark excessively. If the noise is not something that you can move your dog away from you might want to try to play some classical music or other soothing music that can have a calming effect on the dog.

The third complaint is that they start barking excessively for no reason at all.

The solution to this is going to be a tough one because you are going to want to try to figure out what is causing this excessive barking. However, you might realize that if you give your dog attention while he is barking excessively at this time that he stops his excessive barking. The key though is to make sure NOT to give your dog any attention during this period if you do give your dog attention during this excessive barking he will do that every time that he wants attention from you because he knows that you are going to give it to him. The best way to get rid of the excessive barking problem once you have determined that nothing is wrong you will want to ignore that behavior. Ignoring the behavior will make your dog realize that it is not getting him any attention at all.

No dog lover need suffer the remorse, discomfort or humilation associated with a dog which barks excessively. Last of all, dog lovers will be able to easily leave home Tobit by themselves understanding he’s content and peaceful. As well as no longer dealing with nasty looks by your neighbors. Just about all it requires is understanding the appropriate approach to cope with the excessive barking.

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