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Dominance 12/19/2008

Anyone that has a dog knows that one of the first things that you have to do is establish dominance over your dog. Without dominance over your dog he will try to treat you like he is the leader and that your just one of the followers. Teaching them this first will make training them in general much easier!

Post Title. 12/18/2008

People have been asking about training your dog, but do not have time to attend a class. Did you know that one of the best people to talk to about how to train your dog if you do not have time for class is your vet. They can typically provide you with some tips to help you start out. They are not the people that will do the trainning, but can help you out.

If you are able to afford to train your dog, but do not have time to go to class you might want to consider some of the valuable online programs that can help you out. Be sure to consider them to because they are a treasure trove of information!


How to reward your dog for doing good behavior is a challenging question that can be difficult to answer. Now some people will tell you the various methods that they use is rewarding with treats, patting the head, patting the chest, and a ton of other ways that they reward the dogs. Most of these methods work to some degree, but one of the best methods I have found is a combination of all of these.

The one that I found as a good starting point for training your dog is by rewarding with treats to start off his or her training. Now you might be asking what kind of treats. I usually used the little training treats that you can pick up at most pet stores. How I would use the treats as a reward would be to give them a treat each time they did a behavior that I wanted them to do. However, if they did a behavior I did not want them to do I would tell them that it was bad and not to do it again. This seemed to work out really well. The one thing that I would caution about using treats as a reward all the time would be treats can put on weight on your dog and they can come to expect a treat each time that they do that behavior.

So to avoid them getting to dependent on the treats once I got them to an acceptable behavior level I would mix in treats and petting. Now I wouldn’t do the normal pat on the head right away they had to earn that reward by continuing the good behavior with no treat reward at all. The next step was to start with a big old pat on the chest. The pat on the chest would make the dog feel very proud and they would know that they did something good. I would slowly decrease the number of times they would get a treat while increasing the pats on the chest for the good behavior.

While some people would go straight from treats to ear scratching or pats on the head I did not. I felt the dog had to earn the right to have his head patted or scratched. I know that the dogs really liked that, but at the same time I knew that I could not allow them to get this reward too quickly. Not only that when I did try going from treat to pat on the head the dog would follow my hand because he thought I had a treat in my hand to give him. So to avoid this I started the pat on the chest from his side. This worked out wonderfully and then I finally progressed to patting on the head and giving him ear scratches.

Now rewarding your dog for good behavior can be hard for some people, but it does not have to be that hard. All that you have to do is know what steps to take in rewarding your dog. I would start off with the treats especially for a puppy, but then progress to chest patting. The last step that I would take for rewarding your dog while he is in training is the head scratches and patting. This way you will teach your dog how to behave, while at the same time rewarding him without having to constantly get treats to give him.

Dog Training 11/20/2008

Howdy! I will be trying to update this often to keep everyone up to date on available training. I know that learning how to train your dog is very valuable to long term happiness with your dog. I know it has helped my dogs out tremendously and I know it will help yours out to!



    Hi, my name is Kim. I currently own three dogs one English Mastiff, one Yorkie Poo, and one Lab Retriever. I dedicate this page to my older Mastiff Isabella who passed away. Thanks for viewing my page and enjoy the possibility of learning!


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