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Dog collars are a necessary item that all of our dogs need. However, with all the available dog collars that are available you might have trouble deciding which kind of dog collar to choose. Depending on the size of your dog breed will help determine what kind of dog collar that you are going to be looking for. A good example is if you have a small breed dog then you are probably not going to need a large pinch style dog collar. However, for a large breed such as an English Mastiff you might want to consider the pinch style of dog collar. Here are some tips to help you choose the proper dog collar for your loving pet.

The first tip to help you in your dog collar selection is to choose one that can hold your dog and possibly grow with your dog. Now I know that for some of us this can mean spending a small fortune on a dog collar, but at the same time if the dog collar is big enough to grow with your dog you could end up saving money in the long run. To determine if the dog collar is going to be able to hold your dog you will want to consider how strong your dog is going to be and try to find one that they will not be able to snap. I do have to say even though I do promote their products on my website the Lupine dog collars are a great choice for the strength and durability of the Lupine dog collar.

The second tip to aid in the selection of your dog collar is to determine what you think your dog will look good in. I know that for me one of my dog collars is a sunflower print collar which fits the style of my dog very well. Even down to my English Mastiff before he out grew the leather dog collar he had one that suited him very well and even when he was wearing the leather dog collar you couldn’t tell that he had it on. So you will want to pick a collar that you think would look good on your dogs fur much like we choose our clothing you will want to choose your dog collar the same way.

Choosing a dog collar doesn’t have to be a very difficult task to undertake, but you will want to consider these two tips when looking for a dog collar. I know that these two tips have always helped me find a great dog collar for my own dogs and have managed to help keep them happy the entire time.

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